Pre-Tan Instructions

1. Exfoliate within 8 to 24 hours(this ensures all pores are closed) before your scheduled airbrush spray tan. Tanning solution only affects the top layer of your skin( the dead skin cells) and we need a smooth canvas to work with. Neglecting to exfoliate will leave you with poor results. This can include streaking, a quick faded tan, and solution clinging to dry spots. Exfoliation can be done with a mitt, loofa, or scrub.

If you have an old spray tan on I recommend using a exfoliation mitt and tan remover, like the one in my amazon favorites.  You do not want to spray tan on top of an old tan. It will fade quicker and look funky.(

​2. Waxing ,shaving, or sugaring need to be completed within 8 to 24 hours before your scheduled airbrush spray tan. This ensures that all your pores are closed. If pores are open, the tanning solution can get into your pores and may make your tan appear "spotty".

3. Plan your nail services before your airbrush spray tan.(Pedicures must be done the day before not day of your tan due to lotions and scrubs causing a barrier). Acetone during manicures, lotions, and exfoliation scrubs during pedicures can remove or weaken your tan. If you must get your nails done during the life of you spray tan it's ok just to have them paint or gel polish your nails. Just avoid the full mani/pedi.

4. DO NOT wear any deodorant, make-up, perfumes, or moisturizers during your tanning appointment. Many products will act as a barrier and stop the tanning solution from going through to the skin. Some deodorants can even turn armpits green! If you need to wear make-up or deodorant that day to work just remove before your tan with a wash cloth or baby wipe/make-up wipe. Do not wear lotion on your body the day of your appointment.

5. If possible do not shower right before you tan. If you have a morning appointment shower the night before and if you have an evening appointment shower that morning. If you must rinse off the day of make sure it is at least a few hours before your appointment and it is best to not use any soaps or shampoo- it will leave a barrier on the skin (luke warm or cold water).

6. During your airbrush spray tan wear as much or as little you want. Women can wear bathing suit, a thong and go topless, or completely bare. Whatever you prefer.  Men must wear undergarments to cover. Disposable underwear, nipple covers, and disposable bras for women are available upon request.  Remember- your tanning appointment is a judgment free zone!

Post-Tan Instructions

1. Wear loose-fitting clothing after your tanning appointment. This ensures nothing rubs off while your tan is going through the setting/drying process. I would suggest just wearing a large long sleeve t-shirt and large baggy sweat pants. This helps avoid skin to skin rubbing. Example of Pajama Set is here

2. Some tanning solutions can stain light-colored clothing and bed sheets, but most of the time it will wash out. Just in case, make sure your clothing/under garments are dark and the same with your bed sheets if you plan on sleeping in your tan (regular tans require 8 to 12 hours before you can shower). Bed sheet cover

3. After your airbrush spray tan appointment, DO NOT allow your skin to get wet within 8 to 12 hours, unless you are tanning with a rapid tan( 1 to 4 hours). Water will stop the tanning process. This includes doing laundry and washing the dishes! Take advantage of this and enjoy the night off 🙂

4. During your first rinse shower (post-tan), avoid using ANY soaps or shampoos and RINSE with cool or luke warm (not hot) water. You may notice the water coloring, but don't panic. Tanning solutions have a cosmetic wash-off bronzer that is used as a color guide for your spray tan artist. Rub with your hands and get all the bronzer off until water runs clear. Always pat dry and avoid rubbing while towel drying. During the week of your tan do not use any harsh soaps in the shower (especially brands like Dove, Dial, and Irish springs) it will diminish your tan. My favorite Spray Tan safe products can be found here

5. To prolong your tan and keep the fading process smooth: moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. Avoid products that contain mineral oils, alcohol(some alcohol is safe for skin) fragrances, and dyes. These ingredients will diminish your tan. This includes body washes, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I recommend purchasing the spray tan safe items from my amazon favorites

A spray tan is confidence applied directly to the body!

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